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A volunteer Board of Trustees (not less than 9 and not more the 21) representing our community administer the activities of the Geary Community Schools Foundation. The trustees are elected to three-year terms and may serve successive terms. Two Representatives from the the Board of Education along with the Superintendent serve as ex officio voting members. The President is the chief operating officer and handles the day-to-day operation of GCSF.


Mark Edwards, Chairman
Alice W. Stuckey, Vice-Chairman
Margie Pinaire, President
Lisa Osbourn, Treasurer
Dr. Mary Devin
Martin Hemmingway
Dr. Anwar Khoury
Elizabeth Kline
Dr. Larry T. McGary
John G. Montgomery
Robert Munson
Dr. Guy Reynoldson
Sheila M. Roesler
Marty Rombold
Gery Schoenrock
Leland Sharpe
Ron Walker